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In addition to corn, beans are another important part of our crop mix. The three different types of beans that we plant are soybeans, snap beans, and tofu beans. Soybeans are where the majority of our acres are consumed this year totaling around 4,000, all of which is Pioneer seed.

Soybeans are planted in April and May. All of our beans are no till, which means that we do not till the ground prior to planting. After 30 to 45 days, they are sprayed with round up to kill the weeds. These beans are genetically modified organisms that do not die when sprayed by round up.

String bean field.

Snap beans are the second type of bean we farm, and are more difficult to maintain than soybeans. They are planted during the middle weeks of May. Snap beans have to be sprayed at least 3 times for insects, mainly corn bore, before they are harvested in July. Our snap beans are harvested by Central Produce, who then trucks them to a processing plant and then ships them all over North America.

The third type of bean that we plant is tofu beans. Tofu beans are planted in May and harvested in October. They are processed in the United States and then shipped mainly to South Korea and Japan as tofu.