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Corn being dumped into semi.

We grow two types of corn at Oak Prairie, seed corn and commercial corn. Seed corn is planted to become the seed for next year's commercial corn. Seed corn is broken down into two different plantings both in the month of May. The female seed is planted first, followed a week later by the male seed. During June and July, the seed corn is first de-rogued, which removes the impure plants. Next, the tassels are cut and pulled by machines. Finally, workers walk through the fields and completely de-tassel the plants. Seed corn is harvested during August and September.

Male Seed Corn

Commercial corn, on the other hand, is much easier to care for. It is planted in April and May, and harvested in October and November. Most of our corn is also irrigated, which keeps us very busy in the summer months. Here at Oak Prairie we have approximately 3,000 acres of commercial corn and 2,500 acres of seed corn. Both types of corn are from Pioneer seed.